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Principal's Message

Welcome to Phoenix/AOC!

I am often asked, “what kind of student attends Phoenix/AOC?”  My response is “every kind of student.”  We have students that are considered the average student. We also have some very special students – students that were not enjoying their high school experience. Some of our students feel anxiety about attending their comprehensive high schools. 

Some feel they didn’t fit in. Some are frustrated by the large class sizes. All of them want a smaller school to attend. Our students enjoy being unique.  They want to be visible; to be recognized for who they are and the talents they have. 

They want their teachers to not only know their name – they want their teachers to know who they are.  Most importantly, they want to have a voice and to express themselves in a manner that fits their personality. They don’t want to be defined by their grade point average.

They also want to be able to work at a pace that fits their needs. For some students, this means working in advance of what is expected of them at traditional schools. For other students, this means having more time to master a concept before moving on. Personalized learning is reality as students chose their pace and how they want to learn. They take control of their learning and feel empowered by doing so.

Our students become self-driven and hard-working. We prepare them for life by strengthening their cognitive abilities so they will be successful no matter where they go after graduation. Our kids know that success is defined, not by a class rank or a number, but instead by who they become.