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About the Academy

Phoenix Academy is based on the instructional program of the nationally known Summit Schools.  

Phoenix Academy is an instructional program based on the nationally known Summit Learning Schools.  The program provides a personalized, self-directed learning experience using one-to-one technology.  The rigorous Summit curriculum focuses on high-level cognitive skills demonstrated through collaborative real-world projects.   Students meet individually with a dedicated mentor who knows them well and supports them in setting and achieving their short and long-term goals while developing habits of success. 

Students spend time throughout the week divided between Personalized Learning Time (PLT) and Project Time.  During PLT, students learn the core content through a combination of online playlists, including texts, videos, presentations and exercises, as well as peer coaching and teacher instruction.  Projects are collaborative and progress through a series of checkpoints.  These projects focus on cognitive skills necessary for real-world success, rather than content.  Course content makes up 30% of the overall grade and projects the remaining 70%. 

Both Pre-AP and AP courses are available through Phoenix, and students are encouraged to take Dual Enrollment courses through Houston Community College.  Students have options to take electives on campus and at The Guthrie Center, and may participate in extra-curricular activities at their zoned campus if scheduling allows.  Please note that parent participation in meetings and conferences is required a minimum of 2-3 times per year.