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About the Academy

Phoenix Academy is based on the instructional program of the nationally known Summit Schools.  

The Science of Summit Schools

Students begin their day with 90 minutes of “Personalized Learning Time (PLT)”.  During this block, students learn the content knowledge they need for all their core courses through a combination of online playlists (diverse learning resources including texts, videos, presentations, exercises), peer-to-peer coaching, and one-on-one tutoring from their teachers.  Students utilize Summit’s Personalized Learning Platform to set goals, access learning resources, submit work and track their progress.  Students learn at their own pace.  After participating in elective courses offered at AOC, they return to Phoenix classrooms for Project Time which accounts for 70% of their overall work plan.  

Each student is assigned a teacher who serves as a mentor.  The mentor visits with each mentee frequently to review progress on their individualized personal learning plans. 

Students attending Phoenix will also have opportunities to take AP level courses. attend Guthrie programs as well as dual credit courses in connection with Houston Community College to earn credits toward multiple career certifications.


Phoenix Academy Schedules