What is Phoenix Academy?

The Phoenix Learning Experience

In the Phoenix (Summit) Learning experience, students are aware of what they are learning, why they are learning it and how they learn best. They become self-directed learners and develop the behaviors and mindsets for success beyond the classroom.  The curriculum is rigorous and focused on developing cognitive skills, in addition to understanding content. 

Pre-AP and AP courses are available.


Students meet 1:1 with a dedicated mentor teacher who knows them deeply and supports them in setting and achieving their short and long-term goals.


Students apply their acquired knowledge, skills and habits to projects that prepare them for the real-world scenarios they will encounter in life after school.

Self-Directed Learning

Teachers guide students through a learning cycle that develops self-direction by teaching them how to set goals, make plans, demonstrate their skills and knowledge, and reflect.

Who is a good candidate for the Phoenix Academy?

A student who…

•        Is motivated to learn and takes initiative

•        Desires to be challenged by a rigorous curriculum

•        Enjoys working in groups

•        Manages time wisely

•        Has an open mind to a different style of learning

•        Is willing to communicate daily with teachers and peers

•        Feels comfortable with flexibility

What should a student do if interested?

•        Attend an informational meeting and schedule a campus tour

•        Complete an application

•        Visit Academy of Choice website at website link

 Use this link to apply to Phoenix High School:  Phoenix Enrollment Application