Phoenix Academy Middle School

The Phoenix Academy follows the Summit Learning Program

Phoenix Academy is an instructional program based on the nationally known Summit Learning Schools.  The program provides a personalized, self-directed learning experience using one-to-one technology.  The rigorous Summit curriculum focuses on high-level cognitive skills demonstrated through collaborative real-world projects.   Students meet individually with a dedicated mentor who knows them well and supports them in setting and achieving their short and long-term goals while developing habits of success. 

Students spend time throughout the week divided between Personalized Learning Time (PLT) and Project Time.  During PLT, students learn the core content through a combination of online playlists, including texts, videos, presentations and exercises, as well as peer coaching and teacher instruction.  Projects are collaborative and progress through a series of checkpoints.  These projects focus on cognitive skills necessary for real-world success, rather than content.  Course content makes up 30% of the overall grade and projects the remaining 70%. 

Pre-AP courses are available through Phoenix.  Please note that parent participation in meetings and conferences is required a minimum of 2-3 times per year. 

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